Resonance is a quality of depth,  fullness,  or reverberation,  which is used to describe certain aspects of sound.  Physics,  mechanics,  astronomy and chemistry use this word to denote certain characteristics of those disciplines.

In a visual sense,  resonance occurs when strong emotions,  memories and their associated images come to mind in the presence of art works. Often they are described as haunting,  moving,  or poignant,  or as having a certain richness or significance. The viewer experiences a kind of recognition about the work,  which doesn’t rely on the subject matter depicted,  and how well it is executed,  but on other things more difficult to explain.

It is a form of transferred energy,  an intensification, or amplification of the range,  where the viewer gets in tune,  or in sync,   with the poetic texture of the artist’s  work. These qualities can’t be measured.  Two people can experience the same work and be affected, or not, to various degrees. Taste is always a subjective thing.

Before these works there was the garden,  my garden. By various degrees of emphasis, embellishment and distortion, using colour on paper and canvas, it evolved into this present form.  For me this is an exciting and continuous journey of adventure and discovery.

Craig Gough



1938             Born Perth, W.A.

1958-65        Studied at Perth Technical College and WAIT.

1968-73        Lecturer in Fine Art, Claremont Technical School, W.A.

1969-70        President of Contemporary Art Society of Australia, W.A. branch

1972-73        Art Critic, The Sunday Times, Perth.

1974             Senior Lecturer in Painting at Monash University

1991             Head of Department, Fine Art, Monash University

1995-96        M.A. Fine Art, Monash University.

2000-01        Visiting Fellow, La Trobe University, Bendigo Victoria.

2003              Artist Residency, Bundanon, N.S.W.

2009              Artist in Residence, Assumption College, Kilmore. Vic.

2011              Artist in Residence, The Art Vault, Mildura. Vic.

2012              Artist in Residence, The Art Vault, Mildura. Vic.


1968, 1970, 1972    The Old Fire Station Gallery, Perth

1974                 Stewart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne

1976                 Collectors Gallery, Perth

1977                 Warehouse Galleries, Melbourne

1980                 Gallery 52, Perth

1983                 Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne. Sandringham


                         Quentin Gallery, Perth. Sandringham Series

1984                 St. Kilda Library, Vic, St Kilda Charcoals

                         Quentin Gallery, Perth. Sandringham Series

                         Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melb. Merry-go-round

1986                 Anima Gallery, Adelaide. Merry-go round

1987                 Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melb. Melbourne Series

1989                 Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melb. Tuscan Traveller

1990                 B.M.G. Fine Art, Sydney. Tuscan Traveller

1995                 Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melb. No- Junk, Mail?

1995 – 1996      Survey 1980-1990. Touring regional galleries. Victoria

1996                 Solander Gallery, Canberra. Garden Series

1997                 Bendigo Regional Arts Centre, Victoria. Garden Series

1998                 Band Hall Gallery, Kyneton, Victoria

                         Span Galleries,  Melbourne. Suburban Ornament

2000                 Perth Galleries, Perth, W.A. Suburban Ornament

2002                 Phyllis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University, Victoria.

                         Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne,

2003                 Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney. Suburban Ornament

                         Penny School Gallery, Maldon, Vic Suburban Garden

2006                Goya Gallery, Docklands, Melbourne, Recent Paintings

                         Woodbine Gallery, Malmsbury, Recent Works.

2007                Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Vic. Improvisation & Emotion

2008                Woodbine Gallery, Malmsbury, Vic. Recent Works

                         Penny School Gallery, Maldon , Vic. Merry-Go-Round

2010                Victoria Racing Club. Flemington Racecource.

                         Woodbine Art Gallery. Malmsbury. Vic.

2011                LaTrobe University Museum of Art. Bendigo. Vic.

2012                The Art Vault, Mildura, Vic. Selected Works

2013                Penny School Gallery, Maldon, Vic. Selected Works

2014                Langford 120 Gallery.  Melbourne

                         Maroondah Regional Gallery, Vic. Resonance

2015                Spot 81 Gallery, Sydney. Resonance

2016               Port Maquarie  Regional Gallery.  NSW.  Resonance

2018                Bendigo Art Gallery, Vic. Recent works & collection

2019                Gallery 206 Gisborne, Vic. Selected works



1965                  Guild Prize, University of W.A. Guild Exhibition

1966                  Rothman’s Prize, University of W.A. Guild Exhibition

1970                  Bunbury Art Prize, W.A.

1978                  Inaugural Sandringham/Beaumaris Art Award, Melbourne

1983                  John McCaughey Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria – Winner

1984                 St. Kilda Art Prize

                         Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Art Award (Drawing)

1985                 Box Hill Acquisition Prize Exhibition (Drawing)

                         Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School Art Award (Drawing)

                         Mornington Peninsula Art Award (Drawing)

1986                 Bunbury Acquisition Prize (Drawing)

                         Gold Coast Art Prize (Drawing acquired)

1988                 Visual Arts Board Studio, ‘Il Paretaio’, Palaia, Italy

1997                 Silk Cut Lino-Cut Award (Print purchased)

                        Warrnambool Print Prize (Print purchased)

2003                Artist’s Residency,  ‘Bundanon Trust’, N.S.W.

2011                Artist’s Residency, The Art Vault.   Mildura. Vic.

2012                Artist’s Residency, The Art Vault.   Mildura. Vic.


Numerous corporate and private portrait and other commissions including:

1973         Commissioned to paint one of 5 screens for 5 Screens exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre, W.A.

1979          A Painted Tram, Victorian Ministry of the Arts & the Melbourne Tramways Board

1986-87      Painting of Melbourne for inaugural Hugh Williamson Collection, National Gallery of Victoria.

1998            Portrait of Bishop Noel Daly, Bishop of Sandhurst for Bendigo Cathedral, Victoria.





1960              Perth Prize for Paintings, W.A. Art Gallery.

1960–65        Helena Rubinstein Portrait Prize – exhibition selection

1965              University of W.A. Guild Exhibitions – Guild Prize winner

1966              Rothmans Prize – winner

1966              Gallagher Portrait Prize, Sydney – exhibition selection

1966              Religious Art Prize, Perth – Third prize

1966–70        Contemporary Art Society of Australia, Sydney.

1968-69         Contemporary Art Society of Australia, Brisbane.

1966-70         Contemporary Art Society of Australia – Perth.

1966             Young Contemporaries National Exhibition, Perth.

1968             Shaftsbury Art Prize, W.A., Honourable Mention

1969             Meerilinga Art Exhibition, by invitation, Festival of Perth

1969, 1975   Tasmania Art Gallery Purchase Exhibition

1970             Bunbury Art Prize, W.A. – Winner

1970-72        W.A.I.T. Invitation Art Exhibitions.

1970             Flotta-Lauro Art Prize Exhibition, Sydney

1972             The Old Fire Station Gallery, Perth Festival

1973             Concert Hall, Perth, Official Opening exhibition

1973             Fremantle Art Centre, W.A. Five Screens exhibition.

1974              Art Gallery of W.A. W.A. Artists. Festival of Perth

1974-76        Inez Hutchinson Art Award, Victoria.  Hon. Mentions.

1975-76        Sir William Angliss Art Awards, Melbourne

1975             John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, Melbourne

1976             Alice Art Prize, Alice Springs, N.T.

1977             Capital Permanent Art Award, Geelong

1978             Inaugural Sandringham/Beaumaris Art Award – Winner.

                     Capital Permanent Art Award, Geelong –  exhibitor

1979             Victorian Ministry of the Arts & Melbourne Tramways

                      Invited to paint a tram.

1980              Victor Mace Gallery, Brisbane.

                      Centenary Exhibition Buildings Art Prize. Melbourne

1981              Victor Mace Gallery, Brisbane. Homage

                      Quentin Gallery, Perth.

1982              Invitation group exhibition – Survey. Touring W.A.

                      Axiom Gallery, Melbourne. – Group Exhibition

1983              Caulfield Arts Centre, Vic – Invitation Drawing Exhibition

1983              John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize’. Melbourne –  Winner.

1984              St. Kilda Art Prize – Winner

                      Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Art Award (Drawing)

                      Perth, W.A. –  Winner.

1985             Box Hill Acquisition Prize Exhibition – Winner (Drawing)

                     Victor Mace Gallery, Brisbane. The First Decade

1986             Faber-Castell Award for Drawing, Sydney.

                    Gold Coast Acquisitive Art Prize.

1986             Victoria, Views by Contemporary Artists, touring exhibition

1987             Gillian Jason Gallery, London, U.K.  Four Australian artists

1988             Episode I. Selected exhibition by Chisholm Art Staff

1989             Kingfisher Art Prize, Gosford Art Gallery, N.S.W.

                     BMG Fine Art Gallery, Sydney. Group Exhibition

1990             Scotsmans Hill Vineyard Art Prize,  Geelong Art Gallery

1991             Maritime Art Award, exhibitor

                     Castlemaine Art Gallery, Victoria. Ten Regional Artists

1992, 1994   Castlemaine Drawing Prize, exhibitor

1992, 1994, 1996  Mandorla Art Award, Perth, by invitation

1993             Castlemaine Art Gallery, Victoria,

                     James Farrell Self Portrait Award exhibitor

                     Shire of Kyneton Exhibition,  Kyneton, Vic, invitation

1994            The Castlemaine Collection. Castlemaine Art Gallery, Vic

                    The Kyneton Collection, Piper Street, Kyneton, Vic

1995            Save Albert Park, 9 x 5 Exhibition,  Melbourne

1996            Tattersalls Club Landscape Art Prize, Brisbane

                     Eva Breuer Gallery, Sydney, Still Life

1997             Mornington Regional Art Gallery, Victoria

                     Geelong Print Prize, exhibitor.

                    Warrnambool Art Gallery Print Prize, Vic

                    Geelong Gallery Contemporary Art Prize. Vic

                    Silk Cut Award for Lino-Cutting exhibition. Melbourne.

                    Shell Fremantle Print Prize. Exhibitor

                     Castlemaine Art Gallery, Contemporary Printmakers

                     from the Mt. Alexander Shire’.

1998            Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

Luna Park and the Art of Mass Delirium

1999            We Are Australian, touring Australia

2000            Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, Print and Drawing Prize, exhibitor

Bendigo Art Gallery, touring. Celebrating the Exquisite Corpse

2001            Castlemaine State Festival. Vic, Hedgehogs Exhibition

2002                                       ‘Catalogue Exhibition’, Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney

2003                                       Adam Gallery, Melbourne, ‘Group Exhibition’.

2004                                       National Art School, Sydney,       ‘Fundraising Exhibition’, by invitation

2004                                       ‘Heavenly Creatures’.      Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, by invitation, curated by Melissa Keys.

2005                                       National Art School, Sydney,         ‘Fundraising Exhibition’, by invitation

2006                                       National Art School, Sydney,           ‘Fundraising Exhibition’, by invitation

2007                                      ‘Salon des Refuse’.      ,S.H.Ervin Gallery Sydney.

‘The John McCaughey Memorial Prize, 50 Years’.        N.G.V. Fed. Sq.

2008                                      ‘Drawcard’.  National Art School,Sydney,fundraising exhibition,by invitation

‘Hugh Williamson’s Legacy’.  N.G.V. Federation Square. Melbourne.

‘Fletcher Jones Art Prize’.  Geelong Gallery. Vic.   Finalist.

2009                                        ‘Reclaiming’   Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.

‘ In House’.    Adam Galleries, Melb.

‘R and M McGivern Prize’,   Maroondah Art Gallery.     Finalist.

2010-2013                             ‘In (Two)Art’. Maitland Regional Art Gallery. NSW.and travelling to regional galleries.


2010                                       ‘Grande Finale Exhibition’,      Adam Galleries.   Melbourne.

‘Mt.Alexander Shire Artists’ in  Collection of Castlemaine Art Gallery.Vic.

2011                                        ‘ Biting Issues’, Castlemaine State Festival Visual Arts Program. Cascade Print Workshop Gallery, Maldon, Vic.

‘100…..New concepts in drawing’…Black Arts Projects at Langford 120. Vic. Curated by Dr. Irene Barberis.

‘Drawing Out’. Australian Drawings at University of Arts,  London. Curated by Dr. Irene Barberis.

2012                                        ‘The Abstract Canvas’, Wilson St. Gallery at Danks Gallery complex.

‘Reading the Space,   Contemporary Australian Drawing.  New York Studio School. NY.    Curated by Dr. Irene Barberis.

‘Four by Two’ (Four artist couples),       Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff. Vic

2013                                        ‘Tree Project’,  (prints).       (C/maine Festival),  Cascade Print Workshop Gallery, Maldon, Vic.

2014                                         ‘Fourteen Trajectories’. Langford 120  Vic.

2015                                         ‘Just Paper’.     Maitland Regional Art Gallery. NSW.

‘Contemporary Australian Drawing’.  Saci Gallery, Florence, Italy, curated by Dr Irene Barberis.

2016                                          ‘Contemporary Australian Drawing’.   The Bury Art Museum. Manchester. UK.

curated by  Dr. Irene Barberis.






Australian Embassy, Saudi Arabia

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery,Victoria

Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

Box Hill City Council, Victoria

Bunbury Art Gallery, W.A.

Casey Hospital, Melbourne (Southern Health)

Castlemaine Art Gallery, Victoria

Curtin University, W.A.

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Faber-Castell, Germany

Fremantle Arts Centre, W.A.

Heide Museum of Modern Art. Vic.

Kyneton Shire Council, Victoria

LaTrobe University, Victoria

LaTrobe  Valley Arts Centre, Victoria

Lindenderry at Red Hill, Victoria

McClelland Art Gallery, Langwarrin, Victoria

Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne (Southern Health)

Monash University, Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery, Victoria

Murdoch University, W.A.

National Gallery of Victoria

Newcastle City Art Gallery, N.S.W.

Bank West (formerly Rural & Industries Bank), Perth

Sandringham City Council, Victoria

Silk Cut Foundation – Duraloid Pty. Ltd., Victoria ( at Nat. Gallery of Aust. )

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, W.A.

St. George’s Cathedral, Perth

St. George’s College, University of W.A.

St. Kilda City Council, Victoria

St. John of God Hospital, Ballarat. Vic.

University of Western Australia.  Perth.

Victoria Racing Club. Flemington. Vic.

Victorian Ministry for the Arts

University of Melbourne

Warrnambool Art Gallery, Victoria

Wesfarmers, W.A.

Plus numerous corporate and private collections including Holmes a Court, Besen/Suzannes. Margaret Carnegie. Emamuel Hirsh. Price-Waterhouse.  Eve Mahlab. Ryder-Hunt. André Whist, (New York). Hong Kong Bank. Melbourne Clinic, Richmond.

Bendigo Catholic Cathedral,    Bendigo, Vic.

Craig Gough, Garden Colour Construct, 2019. acrylic on canvas, 152 x 167cms $12,000
Craig Gough, Garden Colour Construct, 2019. acrylic on canvas, 152 x 167cms $12,000
Craig Gough, Colour Dialogue With Yellow, 2019. acrylic on canvas. 137 x 137cms $9000
Craig Gough, Colour Dialogue With Yellow, 2019. acrylic on canvas. 137 x 137cms $9000
Craig Gough, Structured Space No.2,. 2019, acrylic on canvas, 152 x 167cm $12,000
Craig Gough, Structured Space No.2,. 2019, acrylic on canvas, 152 x 167cm $12,000
Craig Gough, Primary Garden Construct on Blue Field, 2019. acrylic on canvas. 152 x 167cm $12,000
Craig Gough, Primary Garden Construct on Blue Field, 2019. acrylic on canvas. 152 x 167cm $12,000
Craig Gough, Special Garden, 2019. acrylic on canvas, 137 x 137cms. $9000
Craig Gough, Special Garden, 2019. acrylic on canvas, 137 x 137cms. $9000