Melbourne-based artist, Carlo Golin, creates meticulous oil paintings of fruits: artfully arranged or stacked ad hoc, his art is to coax the mysterious and the dramatic from the closely observed commonplace.

‘At their most beautiful when they are dying,’  is a concept I try to employ with perishable subject matter such as fruit or flowers. When arranged, soft collisions occur, weights compete, areas bruise. Decay will alter shape, colour and texture. Inevitably gravity creates an instance, a stillness,  which I try to tap into.

My paintings are very orchestrated affairs. The tight compositions, the quality of light, the distance between viewer and subject matter, the exchange between objects, the shallow voids as backgrounds, all contribute to a heightened scenario within the picture.

Carlo Golin 2016


Carlo Golin, Peach Study, oil on linen, 92x122cm SOLD
Carlo Golin, Lemon Study, 2017, oil on linen, 76x100cm
Carlo Golin, Longan Study, oil on canvas. 2016, 46x50cm $3000